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Amazing dressing gown

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Before you fall over laughing you’ve got to remember it’s mother’s day very soon!


Dressing gown - wonder woman

Wonder Woman Dressing Gown

Woman Dressing Gown

With the release of a new animated Wonder Woman film this year comes the one and only Wonder Woman Dressing Gown!  You may not get a ‘Lasso of Truth’ or ‘Bullet-deflecting Bracelets’ but what you do get is an ultra cool, luxury dressing gown with ‘WONDER WOMAN’ blazing on the back.  An Amazon princess in a man’s world, take on Sunday mornings with a kick-ass bath robe and cup of strong tea.  Fight for justice, the remote control, save the world or save your energy in your Wonder Woman dressing Gown!  This fabulously warm and cosy women’s bath robe features yellow detailing, a blue cotton belt, the Wonder Woman symbol embroidered on the front and a HUGE one on the back!  Large pockets provide safe storage for your TV remote, mobile phone, Sword of Hephaestus (collapsible version only), Chinese throwing star earrings and tissues.  Made from 100% luxurious cotton fabric, the Wonder Woman Dressing Gown looks like velour on the outside, whilst the inside is soft towelling.

This would make a fantastic gift for any mum who truly is a wonder woman!