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Manstore M455 V-Neck T-Shirt (L/39.5

Manstore M455 V-Neck T-Shirt (L/39.5″) £49.00
Make the most of toned chests with this sheer mesh tee from Manstore. We ship to over 80 countries. Private shopping and discreet packaging.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 V-Neck T-shirt

Olaf Benz RED 1702 V-Neck T-shirt £46.00
What’s better than an ultralight and gorgeously slinky slim fitted men’s t-shirt top? Why coordinating underwear of course! Shop all1702 styles now.

Manstore M455 Grope Pant (M/30

Manstore M455 Grope Pant (M/30″) £36.00
You’ve come to the right place if naughty men’s underwear is your thing. Lots more provocative designs can be viewed online now. Purchase today.

Manstore M667 Catena String

Manstore M667 Catena String £30.00
This skimpy and seductive thong for guys has a unique metal chain on the back – from an innovative men’s underwear brand. Buy now at DGU.

Manstore M667 Micro Tanga

Manstore M667 Micro Tanga £30.00
Lovers of lace won’t be able to resist this sexy men’s underwear – cut in a skimpy style to expose and enhance your masculine physique. Buy now.

Manstore M667 Silver String

Manstore M667 Silver String £30.00
This skimpy men’s lace underwear is made all the more seductive by the chain of silver hoops on the thong back. Worldwide shipping at DGU.

Manstore M667 Micro Pant

Manstore M667 Micro Pant £30.00
For guys who love the beautiful shape of a traditional men’s trunk this lace effect underwear is great for adding a splash of sex appeal. Shop now.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini Pant

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini Pant £28.00
Calling all cowboys who love a chequered print – our low rise ultra slinky men’s underwear short is ideal for long days on the ranch. Buy now.

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini String

Olaf Benz RED 1702 Mini String £28.00
Guys who love the feel of a slinky thong will adore our new men’s underwear – this chequered slip fits like a dream thanks to the stretchy fabric. Buy now.

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